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Rust for IoT - Simple Input Output

by Alexandru Radovici  (3 years ago)

Simple Input Output is one of the main tools used by attackers to gain access to IoT systems.

Our first lesson in Rust is how to make input output secure by default. While C/C++ tries to mitigate risks by emitting warning developers and performing run-time checks, Rust performs all the checks at compile-time and does not allow developers to make such mistakes.

Rust for IoT - Why is security so important?

by Alexandru Radovici  (3 years ago)

We are launching a series of blog posts about basic IoT security challenges and how to overcome them using Rust.

While hacking a computer would result in certain more or less important data being lost, hacking IoT devices can have serious material damages. Imagine a smart heater being controlled while the user is not at home or a door lock remotely opened by burglars. And these are just a few examples.

Teach Raspberry Pi programming remotely using Wyliodrin STUDIO

by Ioana Culic  (4 years ago)

In the current context, when all activities, including teaching, have moved online, we believe that Wyliodrin STUDIO can be of help to carry on with your Raspberry Pi-based classes.

To help you in this task, in this post, we will make a short review of Wyliodrin STUDIO’s features and how to leverage them so your students can take maximum benefit from your classes.

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