Deploy and update industrial IoT applications
on clusters of edge devices.

Secure deployment and update infrastructure

On client’s premises/cloud

Device analytics

IoTWay is a cloud platform for Internet of Things development that allows you to remotely deploy and update software on edge devices, at a large scale, in order to build and maintain your IoT products. Consisting of an advanced IDE on top of a scalable, easy to integrate infrastructure, the solution covers all levels of industrial IoT development, from product prototyping to large-scale production deployment and final monitoring of the devices.

Real time analysis

Continuously monitor the edge devices you have in production in a visual manner. Get detailed reports about clusters of products so you can remotely diagnose any device

Remote device connection

You can easily troubleshoot any product you have deployed by remotely connecting to it. Just open a shell directly to the device.

Open technologies

IoTWay is compatible with open technologies such as containers to securely deploy and update your applications

Cloud agnostic

IoTWay is built to be deployed in any cloud or on your own premises. Is it compatible with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform

Professional IDE

Prototype, test and fully develop industrial applications in a professional IDE especially designed for building Internet of Things solutions.

The IoTWay ecosystem

Easy to integrate with your infrastructure

Use the available REST API and integrate IoTWay with your production infrastructure to obtain a complex IoT studio tool.

Take advantage of the powerful Wyliodrin CLI to automate your tasks.

How does it work?

Have you got an amazing idea but lack the resources to implement it? We can help you build the revolutionary device you dream of!

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