The Wyliodrin team has vast experience across multiple fields.

Our desire to keep up with the latest technologies drives us towards building powerful and secure solutions.

IoT Development & Deployment

  • We have full-stack knowledge in prototyping, scaling and deploying Internet of Things solutions.
  • We easily implement any communication protocol such as Wi-Fi or LoRa over various MCUs and connect your smart devices to the cloud.

Rust Development

  • We use Rust to build fast and secure applications regardless of the underlying hardware.
  • From prototyping user applications to deploying secure and certifiable software inside industrial systems and vehicles, we use the power that Rust has to the fullest.

Android Automotive

  • Wyliodrin has a team of experienced engineers capable of deploying the Android stack and custom applications into any vehicle.

Machine Learning

  • Wyliodrin’s Machine Learning team is ready to deliver personalized solutions that can help you efficientize your processes and predict your customers’ needs.

Big Data & Analytics

  • You have all this data and don’t know what to do with it?
  • We can help you put it to good use.
  • Our big data specialists can aggregate information and generate useful statistics and reports to help reach your goals.

Web Development

  • We have extensive knowledge in web technologies and can easily build any website or web application that can help you reach your goals faster.
  • We have deployed web platforms across various fields and integrated APIs with different infrastructures and technologies.


  • Technology is evolving exponentially and it’s important to keep up to date with all these changes.
  • We are here to help your company stay up to date with the latest advancements.
  • Wyliodrin focuses on IoT and Rust trainings that bring new skills and knowledge to your team.
We speak:
Tock Os
Android Automotive