Developing your own IoT project from scratch
can be tough without the right IDE

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Raspberry Pi compatible

Perfectly compatible with your Raspberry Pi device.

Arduino compatible

Connect your Arduino to the computer or the Raspberry Pi and upload firmware onto it.

Program wirelessly

No need to have a wired connection to the device. Just connect it to the network, launch the IDE and start coding.

Visual programming

No need for any programming language knowledge. You can use visual coding blocks to build your IoT applications.

Suited for education

Design tutorials and exercises from within the platform and share them with your students. Run code snippets directly on the device.


For advanced control over the device, you can open a shell connection to it.


Attach the electronics schematic to the application so projects can be fully replicated when shared with others.


Bigger Projects

Do you want to build complex projects or use a solution suited for teaching IoT to a class of student? Contact us for a tailor made solution.

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Educational Partners
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