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Why use Wyliodrin?

With the Wyliodrin solutions you can get started and prototype simple IoT applications or move to the next level and use our professional solution to develop, deploy and update applications for industrial Internet of Things systems.

  • Run secure applications using containers
  • Deploy applications and updates on millions of devices
  • Deployed on your premises/cloud
  • Uses open standards and technologies
  • Easy integration with your infrastructure
  • Ready to white-label
  • Connect easily to your board and get started right away
  • Program and control a variety of boards wirelessly
  • Do the programming in both visual and traditional languages
  • Designed for the Raspberry Pi and other devices

Use cases

Smart display

Bring intelligence to elevators or information panels to build smart navigation systems, smart ads or interactive shopping catalogs.

Smart farm

Remotely monitor and control your crops to make them autonomous and energy efficient.

Smart utility boxes

Take full advantage of edge devices capabilities to efficiently monitor utility boxes worldwide.

Smart beverage dispenser

Deploy smart beverage dispensers to fast foods worldwide and easily adapt them to your customers’ needs.

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