We have advanced expertise in various industries applying agile methods to achieve perfection through digitalization.


  • Building connected systems is our passion.
  • From smart lights to industrial installations, we can help you join the IoT revolution.
  • We can prototype, scale and monitor connected devices and sensors for your or we can offer you the tools to do it.


  • Bring added value to your vehicles by deploying applications and secure software.
  • Wyliodrin’s knowledge ranges from infotainment systems to low-level car sensor programming, all with safety in mind.
  • We can empower automotive companies to adapt to the current trends and overcome industry challenges.

Energy & Utilities

  • The city of tomorrow relies on smart metering and connected utilities.
  • We deliver the hardware and software tools necessary to monitor and predict energy consumption or even help you save water for a better future.

Business Automation

  • Don’t let your business fall behind!
  • We are here to help you increase efficiency and reduce operational costs with the help of technology.

Consumer Appliances

  • Customers today look for connected appliances that are easy to control and monitor remotely.
  • Wyliodrin can help you design and build smart products that satisfy your customers’ needs for technology.

Production lines

  • Production lines that are carefully monitored last longer.
  • We can help you build control and monitoring solutions for state of the art production lines that withstand harsh conditions.

Use cases

Smart display

Bring intelligence to elevators or information panels to build smart navigation systems, smart ads or interactive shopping catalogs.

Smart farm

Remotely monitor and control your crops to make them autonomous and energy efficient.

Smart utility boxes

Take full advantage of edge devices capabilities to efficiently monitor utility boxes worldwide.

Smart beverage dispenser

Deploy smart beverage dispensers to fast foods worldwide and easily adapt them to your customers’ needs.