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Sensors kit for education

by Ioana Culic  (6 years ago)

One of the main focus for Wyliodrin is education. We founded this company due to our desire to make the Internet of Things accessible to educators and students of all ages and all backgrounds. In our journey we got to teach and work with many different people, both teachers and students, coming from different fields of study. Therefore, we had the chance to experiment with working with various IoT hardware platforms, most of them created especially to be used in education.

Our IoT overview

by Alexandru Radovici  (6 years ago)

Welcome to our new blog. After a few years in the IoT business, we decided we want share with you things that we do or that we find interesting in the field. To begin with, here is our view over the IoT field. We expressed it in a video on youtube, but for those of you who want a quick read about it, here it is.

The Internet of Things represents a concept where several devices (things) talk to each other using a network (usually the Internet). This allows devices to take smarter actions based on data from received and sent. Besides direct communication, cloud processing power is leveraged to take actions that require a greater processing power.

Let's take sensors as an example, they collect data and send it to a processing (also called embedded) device, which then sends it out to the cloud. The problem here is that the data stored in the cloud is sometimes not useful. Think of a weather monitoring station that would send the measured temperature to the cloud every minute. As there is no way to have different values every minute, it would be much more efficient to send only different measurements to the cloud. This is why we can conclude that there is not enough local processing happening before data is saved in the cloud.

The ideal scenario towards which the Internet of Things is headed, would be to have a device interpret data locally, check for abnormalities or search for relevant segments and upload only this information to the cloud. This concept is called either edge, according to Intel, or fog computing as stated by Cisco, implying what happens before the cloud.

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